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Misunderstanding - Day 7 Pt. 3 :iconoherman:OHerman 0 0
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Misunderstanding - Day 7 Pt. 2
Day 7, Late Afternoon
“Kaito-nii…?” Miku looked for him in his room, but he was not there.
Miku scratched her head, wondering where he is. Suddenly, she felt a nudge from behind her. It was the one person she was looking for, who just entered the room.
“Hey Miku, what you doing here?” Kaito asked her.
“Ah, there you are.” Miku faced him. “Rin is insisting we vist Teto’s house. She has a hunch Len could be hiding there, if he’s alive… I believe Len is alive, he’s just hiding!”
“You think so, Miku? I mean, Len has the motive to hide behind Teto, but would he really put her at risk?” Kaito briefly wondered, but shook his head abruptly later, shrugging it off. ”Nah, if you think he’s there, it’s worth checking.”
“Okay. If Len isn’t dead, he is hiding for sure. If he only knew how much Rin-chan is missing him.” Miku said.
“Then we shouldn’t waste ti
:iconoherman:OHerman 2 0
Misunderstanding - Day 7 Pt. 1
Day 7, Morning
Meiko and Kaito are up early. It is the last day that they have to wait before Len’s body arrives. A spot in the house has been reserved for the wake, and security arrangements have been finalized.
“Now comes the saddest part…” Kaito said. “We got our twin replacements… faux replacements…”
“Kaito… don’t get me started…” Meiko quietly said. “I had enough of the pain.”
Miku, Rin and the rest of them are still asleep.
Meiko’s mobile phone began to ring, and anxiously, she answered it.
“Miss Meiko, from the Vocaloid group?” a courteous voice asked from the other line.
“Yes, what is it?” Meiko answered.
“This is from the police station. It is about Len.”
“I see. So, when can we come over?”
“Ah, yes, can you come over immediately?”
“We will. We are coming.”
Meiko drops the call.
“It’s time, Kaito.
:iconoherman:OHerman 2 6
Mature content
Misunderstanding - Day 6 Pt. 3 :iconoherman:OHerman 1 1
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Daliy Sketch - Akatsuki
The elegant lady of the sisters is here.

In a bid to get it done, what came to mind is Jotaro's hat pose and her.

The rest is history, though it's a bit rough. But hey, it's a sketch and some flaws are rather forgivable.
Daily Sketch - Inazuma
To be honest, I had no idea what to sketch, but if I wanted my skills back, I had to think of something to doodle, and just get my hands working again for this.

Here, we have Inazuma, again from Kantai Collection. The youngest of the Akatsuki class.

Inazuma is special here because she's one of the ships whose final resting place is located within the country. We also like the angelic but klutzy nanodesu attitude.

Plus more than likely, you'll start the game with her, if not Fubuki, or the others.
Daily Sketch - Ikazuchi
Trying to get art juices flowing again, and sketches are the quickest arts I can bring. So let's bring that back with one fave character of mine from Kantai Collection. The ever-reliable Ikazuchi!

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Day 7, Evening.

“I’m pressing charges.” Ted replied. “That fucking bitch needs a bitter lesson be taught.”
Rin is now nothing more but a sobbing girl, as she saw the situation she brought the group in. She was inconsolable and felt all alone. Miku tried to comfort her, in vain, amist handcuffs.
When Len was still around, he would defend her sister from whatever controversies would appear.
Her blind rage will apparently send her to a juvenile delinquency facility, if Ted would not back down from his lawsuit.
“I’m suing the VOCALOID company too for damages.” Ted added.
“You can’t do that!” Meiko pleaded. “We lost a member… we were looking for him!”
“Your member here didn’t have to ruin my looks!” Ted pointed to his injuries, including a gash that needed to be sewn up.
Meiko and Miku could do nothing but cry.
“FL here.”
FL drops her pen from the phone call.
“All right, I’ll call boss.”
FL drops the call and calls her boss.
“WHAT?!?!?” their boss could not hide his rage.
“C’mon boss, I’m just simply telling you what’s goi---”
“Shut it, FL. News blackout. Use your influences to make sure there’s a blackout.”
“Sir, I’m afraid it’s way too late for a blackout now… check your news feed.”
An eerie silence on the other line.
A random and steady stream of profanities came from her boss.
“S.. sir..? Are you okay?” FL cautiously asked. “Are you done?”
“No I’m NOT! Incredulous! That man from the UTAU group! That Kasane! HOW DARE THEY! What is this UTAU group up to?! Why are they going this far to destroy us?!”
Len and Teto are stunned at the news they watched in the appliance section. Rin was arrested for trying to break in at Teto’s house, and she injured Teto’s brother, Ted for it.
“Sempai… can we go somewhere quiet and comforting?” Len asked.
“Kouhai-kun, that sounds good~!” Teto replied. From there, they went to the park just outside the mall.
When all was safe, and far from civilization, Len and Teto dropped the disguise.
“Len-kun… if we stayed longer at the house, Rin would’ve cornered us!” Teto said.
“Or your brother would’ve found us out.” Len countered.
“Neither are things I want.” Teto concurred.
“So, now that your brother is suing my group, what will happen next? The UTAU group will not be happy about it, seeing that a VOCALOID member injured a member of the UTAU group!”
“I know, Len-kun…” Teto said. “Nii-nii isn’t someone who easily backs down. He’s pretty much iron-willed… that’s why I avoid him when I can…”
“I kind of feel guilty… they’re looking for me, and yet this happens.” Len lamented. “Maybe I should turn myself in…”
“No, Len-kun. It’s too late for that now… If you do, the rift between our groups will blow out of control…!”
“I don’t think I can return to your house, Teto-chan.” Len said.
“Yes you still can! Ted will surely get money out of the incident. It’s just like him, an opportunist. If he knows he can get money out of it, he’ll pursue it. When he grabs what he wants, that’s it. Everything will go back to normal.”
“Um, he’ll be more than happy to cash me in, Teto-chan.” Len concluded. “All the more the reason why I should not stay anymore.”
“What should we do? I need to make the situation die down before I return to my house…” Teto said. “And it’s getting dark… this forest is deserted at night.”
“I know…” Len said. “Comfort me, Teto-chan… this thing is just… too much for me.”
Teto hugs Len.
Len slightly sheds a tear, realizing the mess he gave his colleagues.
But he felt not a single remorse towards his sister.
Instinctively, he reached for under his skirt and scratched his crotch. Teto’s panties were a bit tight for him and was causing discomfort.
“Don’t let people catch you do that. You’re still a guy.” Teto whispered to his ear. “And… if you wanna do it, I can just drop my panties and sit on you so it won’t be obvious.”
“Not now, Teto-chan….” Len replied. “Not yet.”
Infuriated that the UTAU talent agency was involved in the latest scandal, he was prepared to call the chairman in rage.
But the inverse happened. It was the chairman who called.
“Hello. I’m sure you’ve heard of the situation and you’re planning to sue us?” The VOCALOID Boss cautiously answered the call.
“Wrong. I want you to prevent the lawsuit with me.” The UTAU manager replied.
“Eh?” The VOCALOID boss is stunned with the statement. “Why? You’re the aggrieved party here, and one of our talent is in the wrong here--”
“No. There’s no point. If this continues, the ensuing scandal will put BOTH our businesses to an end. People won’t trust us anymore. Please help me in this. You don’t want this lawsuit as well. Both of us do not want it, but you need to help me.”
The boss took awhile to digest the twist. Why is the manager asking him to help dissuade the lawsuit? It was not like corporate practices at all.
“Also, I don’t know if you’ve been notified, but we need to go to the police station.”
“Very well. I appreciate your empathy in this situation. I’ll do whatever I can to stop the lawsuit and I’ll help you.”
“Excellent. I will make arrangements as well.”
“I have one favor to ask you though…”
“What is it?”
“I want a media blackout in the police station. Can you make that happen?”
“I will do what I can for that. However, there will always be moles in the police station, you know the press here as well as I do.”
“Like we told you, It was Rin who did it all… we had no intention of invading her house…” Kaito explained. “We were simply looking for Len Kagamine.”
“Then, blue boy, why is she like this??” Ted retorted.
“How would you feel if Teto ran away and had no intention of coming back? How would you feel if she’s been missing for weeks, and your sibling was mistakened for a suicide victim!? That is what happened to Rin here!” Akaito protested.
“I don’t give a damn, boys.” Ted coldly said. “I don’t take shit, moreso from a girl who lost all her sanity. Tragedy is never an excuse to be violent!”
Ted glances briefly at a profusely crying Rin, still handcuffed.
“It’s just too bad she will learn that… the hard way.” Ted smirks, rubbing his wounds from his face.
“Just what do you exactly want from us, from our group???” Meiko asked.
“Compensation. And justice.” Ted said. “There’s no way I’m letting that girl go free on bail.”
“Man, what mess this is. That Ted… he knows where he exactly stands…” Meito mused. ”I bet he’s doing all this for the money.”
Moments later, the VOCALOID manager arrived at the police station. The chairman of the UTAU group soon arrived.
“Well then, now that each group is now properly represented, we may now continue this.” A police offer presided on the case. She looked at both groups with prying eyes.
“Sirs, do you need a legal counsel in this?” A police officer asked the bosses.
“We’ll call them at the right time.” The UTAU manager replied. “Our legal team has been notified of this situation.”
“Likewise.” The VOCALOID boss added.
“Okay. Let’s continue.” The female police officer backtracked on the paper she held and read it again. “For the benefit of each company’s manager, I’ll start from the beginning. Complainant is Ted Kasane, from the UTAU group. The suspect here, is that girl, Rin Kagamine, from the VOCALOID group. According to this police report, the VOCALOID group visited Teto Kasane’s house, who also is a member of the UTAU group, and the younger sister of Ted, the victim.”
The bosses cautiously looked at the premises. No press or audiences were present inside.
“Miss Kagamine wanted to verify the presence of her twin brother, Len Kagamine, at the premises of Miss Kasane, in a routine checking, due to the fact that it was proven that Len Kagamine is not dead. However, at that time, it appeared that Miss Kasane is not in the premises. In trying to knock the door, by which according to reports were done in rage, the alarm of the house triggered, and when Mr. Kasane confronted Rin, he was assaulted afterwards.”
“We repeat, we had no intention of hurting Ted Kasane!” Kaito pleaded. “We even tried to restrain Rin!”
“Yes, some members of the VOCALOID group attempted to separate the two, but Mr. Kasane already sustained injuries from Ms. Kagamine’s fury.”
“According to the statement by Mr. Kasane, he will be pressing charges against the group, particularly at Ms. Kagamine.”
“Wait a minute!” the VOCALOID boss interrupted. “Isn’t there some way we can settle this matter without Kagamine taken away?”
“It is possible, however, Mr. Kasane already said he will continue with the charges.” The UTAU chairman said. “We will be forced to continue with the lawsuit, even if we do not wish to, if Mr. Kasane does not budge.”
“Mr. Kasane, Ted Kasane, in behalf of the group, I apologize for my groups action.” The VOCALOID boss faced Ted.
“Words don’t heal my injuries, sadly, though I can tell you mean your words.” Ted leisurely replied.
“We can do something about your injuries and reputation though. How much is your hospital bill?” the VOCALOID boss asked.
“Why, do you intend to pay for my injuries? That would be nice, but letting her loose is something I will not agree with! She clearly wanted to harm my sister! And I don’t think Len Kagamine would stay at her house, hell we don’t even know where he is!”
“Please understand them. I beg you, please reconsider.” The boss was about to do a dogezo, a brown-nosing gesture when the UTAU boss interrupted them, also intent with patching up the situation.
“Ted. Call Teto.” His boss commanded.
“Can do.” Ted replied. “But why? We aren’t exactly in talking terms… I owe her money. She even deprived me of some money from her paycheck.”
“That’s another matter. Do as I say.”
“Oh, what the hell.” Ted dials Teto’s number and calls her.
“Teto-chan…” Len tightly hugs Teto, his thing inserted inside her. “I wish we don’t have these kinds of troubles… I want this to go on forever…”
“Len-kun… me too…” Teto whispered, as she moved her hips.
At a distant point, it would seem Teto is merely straddling another girl, but a closer look reveals a much different view.
They are so focused on the deed that they didn’t hear Teto’s phone, until Len notices it.
“Teto-chan… I think your phone is ringing.” Len alerted Teto.
“Who could it be…?” Reaching for her bag while inserted at Len, Teto checks her phone, then scowls.
“Nobody important.” Teto tosses the phone back to her bag, and focuses on Len.
“He’s such a pain, you know, Len-kun…” Teto lamented. “He’s calling me because he’s mad… that I beat him in his own game.”
“Hey, Teto-chan, you’re tightening down there, it kinda hurts…”
“Yeah, we need to wrap this up, Len-kun, we might get lost here in the darkness.” Teto struggles to make Len reach the acme in such a position.
“And…. No answer.” Ted replied as he drops the call. “Maybe she’ll answer if it was you.”
“Perhaps.” Ted’s boss whips out his own phone and calls Teto.
“This is it…!” Len struggles as he tries to find the rhythm to finally achieve it.
Tightly hugging Teto, he wants to end the deed now, and in fireworks.
“Len-kun, hurry…” Teto softly moaned, trying not to make noises in the progressively dimming sky.
“Faster… faster!” Len finds the rhythm, and tries to build the pressure from within.
Teto quietly grimaces and bears with the increasing pumping, covering her mouth.
A few moments before they finally reach it, Teto’s phone rings, which startles both of them.
“FUCK YOU TED!” Teto angrily reaches for her phone to mute the call, but the caller ID did not belong to Ted.
It belonged to her boss from the UTAU group.
Teto was speechless as her eyes dilated in the glare of her phone. Did Ted tell their boss that his money was stolen? She wondered if she missed a detail in the picture… some kind of leverage that Ted could use against her?
The mood of lust and ecstacy in Teto just melted away, in the prospect that her boss is now involved in their sibling quarrel, as she seems to think.
“Teto-chan?” Len became concerned for Teto as she looked at her phone with a troubled gaze. “What’s going on?”
Without a word, Teto answered the call, expecting the worst.
“Yes boss?”
“Teto! Your brother was trying to call you, but you two seems not in good terms. Did you know your brother got into a fight?”
“A fight?! Is Ted okay? How is he right now?” Teto obviously has to pretend she has just been informed of the situation.
“He’s fine but he doesn’t look too good after being repeatedly punched.”
“I see…” Teto emotionlessly replied.
On impulse, Ted grabbed the phone.
“Teto… I… uh…”
“Go to hell, Ted. You’re really stupid, you know?” Teto admonished her brother coldly.
“Teto, I took the punches meant for you. Rin was looking for your boyfriend! I STOOD IN YOUR PLACE, YOU KNOW THAT?”
“I don’t know where Len is. And get well soon, stupid.”
“Is that all you have to say, after I…”
“Ted, we’ll talk about that later, okay? Sort out that mess you made first!”
His boss ursurps the phone.
“Teto, your brother is keen on suing his attacker and the VOCALOID team. I honestly don’t want that to happen, but your brother is hellbent on it!”
Len could hear the conversation as the voice is loud, and the environment has grown very quiet. Not even the sound of crickets could be heard.
Teto reaches for underneath, making sure Len’s member is still in her vagina. The tension is eating away the eroticism slowly but surely. It was not long until Len’s member went limp, also affected by the situation.
“Boss… Let me tell you something about Ted. He’s probably going to extort the VOCALOID group, with the way he’s doing things. So, here’s what I want you to do… offer him a paid vacation and ask the VOCALOID group to shoulder his medical bill… moreover, have Rin Kagamine herself apologize in front of national television about the incident, if the news hasn’t been all over the airwaves.”
“That’s the best I could think of… without you knowing it, Ted won’t budge. I fear for the industry if that incident doesn’t get settled.”
“It’s worth trying. I honestly don’t want a litigation.”
The VOCALOID boss taps the shoulder of the UTAU chairman. “May I speak with Miss Kasane?”
“The VOCALOID boss wants to talk to you.”
At a distance, Ted is wondering why the two are talking to his sister.
“What’s taking them so long in talking to her?” Ted muttered, slowly glanced at Rin, and scowled at her. Rin’s face is sullen and down.
“Miss Kasane. In behalf of the VOCALOID crew, I extend my deep apologies for what happened to your brother.”
“Well, it has happened and there’s nothing else we can do about it.”
“She was looking for Len in your house.”
“I think she made the wrong call. Have you found Len yet?”
“Sadly, no. We know you’re the girl Len is, according to his sister, dating, you haven’t seen him or been in contact with him?”
Len quietly chuckles in the background.
“Sorry, nope. He isn’t answering any form of communication either. I’ve been looking for him myself, no luck. I’m relieved though that wasn’t him in that cave.”
“I need you to convince your brother to stop the lawsuit. It will lay waste on the industry. We don’t want that to happen.”
“I understand. Do know my brother can be quite blinded by money. You can use that to your advantage.”
“Is that so? Thank you, Miss Kasane.” The boss hands the phone back to the UTAU chairman. “That single piece of information, I can plan my moves next.” He mused to himself.
“Let me talk to Ted.” Teto asks her boss.
The UTAU chairman motions to Ted. He reaches for the phone.
“Dummy. You want to destroy the music scene with your ruckus by suing them?”
“Teto, why are you messing with that? It’s between them and ME.”
“Don’t do it, brother.”
“And why?”
“One. I will disown you and have you FIRED if you do. Two, Len-kun is a VOCALOID. I have great respect for them and me entering the company to aspire to become as good as them is what got me here in the first place!”
Ted grimaces. He is well aware of Teto’s influence in the group, and he knows what the consequences would do to his life. The words hit Ted like lightning. He always knew Teto as someone who would breathe down his neck from the day he splurged her money. But outside that, they went along well like any sibling would.
“You’re being selfish again, you know that?!” Teto snapped.
“Why you!! Do you NOT have any concern for YOUR brother?! I TOOK the hits meant for you, and that Kagamine bitch needs to pay for her crime!”
“Rin is still mourning that her brother is missing. What would you do if you were in her shoes? What would you do if I left you alone in the world?”
“Why is it all about you, and none about me?! It’s almost just like anything I encounter. All work and no thanks! You know, you’re right. Maybe you shouldn’t have a brother anymore.”
“That’s better! I wouldn’t be burdened at all!” Teto arrogantly said.
“And if I disappear, your way of life will too!” Ted bluffed. “You couldn’t do things on your own and need someone else! When you make mischief, no one will protect you anymore! Tell me this, Teto. Who basically threw away HIS OWN FUTURE for you to be queen of the UTAU talents right NOW?!”
“DON’T YOU THREATEN ME!” Teto angrily retaliated, but deep inside she is already alarmed at Ted’s defiance.
“I know everything about you, and what you did that made everyone run after you in pitchforks and torches! Do you want the world to know that the Teto Kasane they’re seeing right now is nothing but a con artist?!”
Teto is paralyzed. Ted minced no words with blackmailing his own sister. This was a direct threat.
Miku looked at Ted in shock. “How could he threaten his sister just like that?!”
All the other persons present in the police station could not believe what they heard.
“You know, Teto, you’re the last person I expect to see my efforts for naught. And if that’s the case, after putting you in your place, I don’t need to live.” Teto bellowed.
“YOU STUPID!! You’ll achieve nothing!” Teto cried and shrilled from the phone. “So you’ll kill yourself like that Len look-a-like did?! STUPID!!“
“You’re forgetting WHO stood in father’s place to take care of you when he had to go away for a long time, and who protected you even during your stupid April fools stunt! Without me, you would probably be kidnapped, raped or even killed!” Ted angrily reminded her.
Teto is in emotional shock and could not rebuke back. It is true that without her brother, her circumstances might be dire than what it is now. Her brother also knew her inside out. Now, Teto realized that threatening her brother was a big mistake.
“Don’t get in my fucking way, Teto, you fucking fraud! Even if you are, or will be formerly my SISTER, I will destroy you like I WILL DO TO RIN! I HAVE THE MEANS AND THE CONNECTIONS!”
With such hostile words, Teto began crying openly, being deeply and severely hurt emotionally.
“He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna do it.” Mikuo mused, expecting the worst.
Teto now is in the verge, if not already in a total breakdown. For the first time, Len has seen Teto visibly hurt emotionally. Teto could not rebuke back from the emotions and shock from hearing the words from her brother.
“You know what Teto? Your biggest problem is this. YOU ARE A FUCKING INGRATE!” Ted minced no words nor breath stressing his point, savagely shouting at the mouthpiece. “You never cared for what I do, you took everything that I do for you for granted! Let’s see how much you’ll miss them once they’re taken away!”
The UTAU chairman observes Ted. He never saw sblings in such a strong spat in front of him. He felt dread as he realizes that there was no way to shake Ted from pressing charges.
“N…nii…. Niii… ” Teto’s bawling and wailing could be heard even with just the phone’s earpiece active.
“DON’T YOU ‘NII-NII’ ME YOU LEECH!” Ted added angrily. More sobs could be heard from the other line.
In a somewhat sadistic maneuver, Ted activates the speaker function to hear and relish Teto’s sobbing over the phone. Ted was openly enjoying the moment, and quickly deactivated the speaker mode. Her sobbing continued to reverberate all over the earpiece. For Len, it was something how Teto would react if ever he did die.
Len could not say nor do anything. Interfering in this situation is extremely volatile, a fact Len knows all too well.
For Kaito and Meiko, it was just like watching a replay of Rin and Len arguing, except the stakes were pronouncedly grim.
Even the policemen and policewomen were shocked at Ted’s utter hostility.

“Dell!” Haku frantically called for her brother upstairs. “It’s confirmed! They’ve been all arrested!”
“And what does that have to do with me?” Dell coldly replied.
“This newscast says… they’ll be charged by the police! Rin attacked Teto’s brother!”
“TETO HAS A BROTHER?!” Dell could not believe it. “Bullshit! She didn’t look like a girl that would have one!”
“There’s no live video though, the media has been banned from the police station!”
“Tough titties.” Dell scoffed. “Looks like my prediction will come true.”
“What will happen to them, if that pushes through?” Haku worriedly asked.
“Simple. It’s the end of everything, for them, as we know it.”
“Dell!” Haku is alarmed. “You mean, that VOCALOID group? They’ll be disbanded? That’s terrible!”
“If the funding won’t kill them, the shame will.” Dell explained. “Pray to your lucky stars some miracle happen.”
Haku began to cry.
“Nee-san.” Dell said. “If they don’t patch that up, the only way they can get out of that with their honor intact, would be ritual suicide. I’m not optimistic that’s gonna happen though.”
“Sweet sweet revenge. Oh how fate has been kind to us after that!” Rui chuckled as she saw the TV news feed inside the car, with amateur footage of a crying Rin taken away in a police car.
“What in the world was she thinking?” Rei was bewildered about the reported accounts.
“She’s gone nuts. I hope they lock her up for good and throw away the key!” Rui evilly smiled.
Kizaito did not react and simply continued driving.
Misunderstanding - Day 7 Pt. 3

The story of how even twins (Rin and Len) can be very different.

Story by yours truly.
Additional concepts, proofreading and ideas by :MissNellie:

Caution: This story is mixed nuts... LITERALLY. You'll encounter a lot of genres in it. Yes, that includes lemunz.

Featured vocaloids:
Miku Hatsune
Rin & Len

Featured Fanmade Vocaloids
Dell Honne
Haku Yowane
Neru Akita
Rui & Rei Kagene

Featured Fanmade UTAU
Ted Kasane

and more.

This is Part 3 of Day 7. Rin is in deep trouble after clashing with Ted.

Updates won't be steady, but rest assured I am working on it now.

All characters mentioned (too many to mention) belongs to their respective owners.


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Hello, um I know that this is probably stupid to ask but my UTAU Wiki Page disappeared. It redirects to another utau named Alice Umi. I think it may have been because there was no link to a voicebank download for my UTAU, but I was just about to put a link since I was just doing some mild fixes to the voicebank before putting the official release download. Is there any way to get my UTAU Wiki page back? the url was [link]
OHerman Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I'm on it.
iRainbowMarkers Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Student General Artist
what ever happened to my UTAU's page? :s you never messaged about it...was it deleted or what?
OHerman Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Ugh. No one's home at UTAU Wiki? Great.
Let me check it out. I had someone look at it.

Been really busy IRL, pardon me.
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iRainbowMarkers Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Student General Artist
thank you~ please do keep me updated
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Thanks a lot for the fave! =D
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